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Desktop programs

Do you want to decorate your desktop and Windows system as a whole? You've come to the right place! In the "Desktop Enhancements" section you will find special programs for the desktop that can change the appearance of the system. Programs from this category can change the appearance of the nasty Start menu from Windows 10/11, as well as install a new design for all windows.

Ready to give your PC a makeover? We recommend trying widgets and desktop gadgets. These programs will add special panels and icons to the desktop that can display the state of the computer, its temperature, time and other equally useful information. In addition to all this, you can install real live wallpapers. Live wallpapers allow you to install animated pictures on your desktop that can respond to music or mouse movements. In addition, such wallpapers can be stretched across two or more monitors, which will create the feeling that there is only one monitor in front of you.

We have described the action of several popular programs. Can you imagine how many opportunities other programs open up? Hurry up to download Windows design programs with activation keys for free!