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4-04-2024, 08:55


Heredis stands out as a premier software solution for anyone interested in diving into the intricate world of genealogy. With its user-friendly design, this application makes it effortless for users to weave together the tapestry of their family's history, detailing the lives of relatives from the distant past to the present. Whether it's documenting birth dates, places of origin, or adding personal touches with photographs and anecdotes, Heredis offers a comprehensive platform for capturing the essence of your lineage.

The appeal of tracing one's family tree has seen a surge in popularity globally, though it's noted to be less common within Russian-speaking communities. Heredis aims to bridge this gap, providing tools that not only foster personal exploration of one's roots but also encourage the sharing of these discoveries with others. The software's functionality extends to connecting users with potential relatives through an expansive online database, making it a potentially invaluable tool for those looking to expand their understanding of family ties.

Features and Advantages:

  • Intuitive Interface: Even those new to genealogy will find software accessible. The design is intuitive, guiding users through the process of adding and linking family members with ease.
  • Rich Detailing: Beyond basic information, the software allows for the inclusion of detailed personal data for each relative, from birth and death dates to personal anecdotes and photographs, enriching the family story.
  • Extensive Family Trees: Heredis doesn't limit the scope of your exploration. Whether your family tree is modest or sprawling, the software accommodates an extensive array of ancestors and relatives.
  • Connecting with Distant Relatives: The application includes access to an online archive where users can search for and potentially connect with distant relatives, a feature that adds depth and breadth to family research.

How It Works:

Heredis after activation with a key or through a crack is designed to be straightforward, even for those who have never used family tree software before. Users can start by entering known information about close family members and then gradually expand their tree by adding ancestors and relatives. The process of linking individuals is made simple through the software's interface, allowing for the creation of a detailed and interconnected family network.

The option to upload photos and enter detailed personal information brings each family member's story to life, creating a rich, multi-generational narrative that is both personal and shareable. Program also supports sharing your family tree with others, which can be a wonderful way to connect with family members interested in their heritage.


  • User-Friendly: Its intuitive design makes it accessible for genealogy enthusiasts of all skill levels.
  • Comprehensive: The ability to add a vast array of information and relatives means your family tree can be as detailed as you wish.
  • Community and Connectivity: The feature of connecting with distant relatives through an online archive is a unique advantage, fostering a sense of community and shared history.

In conclusion, Heredis offers an expansive platform for anyone interested in constructing a detailed and richly textured family tree. Its intuitive interface, combined with the depth of detail it allows, makes it a standout choice for both novices and seasoned genealogists alike. For those embarking on the journey of discovering their family history, Heredis presents a compelling tool to explore the branches of their family tree.

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Version: 2024 24.1
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